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On monday November 12, 2007, the collective Presidency of Bosnia Herzegonina during the 26th General Assembly has decided to donate to the Republic of France the wrecks of "our" plane, the SNAFU Special.
This decision taken on Veteran's Day in the United States comes as a result of a strong mobilisation on both side of the Atlantic. Here in Normandy, a bunch of hard core passionate people have held their ground against all odds and finally succeeded in putting the plane's history together, building up the financials thanks to more than 150 donators and convincing the Bosnia-Herzegovinia Government to donate the plane. In the United states, the veterans who served aboard the plane, along with their families, got together and got the press and their representatives ' attention to support such an ambitious project.
We 're sending our gratitude to the Bosnia-Herzegovinia government for this fair and friendly move, as well as to the many diplomatic officials who supported our action, and a big thank you for all the support we 've received.
On thursday November 15th at 5.00 pm an advanced party of the SNAFU Team left the Merville City Hall for a long drive to Rajlovac, 2,500 km away. This party shall be met by the remainder of the crew on saturday and start putting apart with great care this witness of our past who valiantly participated in 1944 and 1945 in all the major European campaigns. Dakota 43-15073 shall then be moved upon three different trucks to Normandy to be fully restored prior to a june 2008 public presentation.
Prior to our departure, we wish to quote the few words that explain the reasons for our commitment. The words are from Chris Buckner, Joseph R Buckner' son; "When I'll be in Merville next June, as I'll touch the fuselage with my own hands, it will be just as if I would reach out and touch part of my father's life." Joseph R. Buckner served as a radio operator aboard SNAFU special from april 1944 'til VE day.

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