December 4, 2007
Thanks again for your concern and deep interest in that wonderful Snafu Special odyssey. "Our plane" was yesterday on the outskirts of France. From the moment She crossed the border, her name Snafu no longer meant "situation normal : all fucked up" but situation normal : Aircraft Freed Up. The plane we 're bringing back to France is quite an individual, always flirting with disaster, but who always somehow manages to get away with it. A great veteran who 's been through a lot within her 64 years in activity, and who barely escaped the junkyard last week by 48 hours.
The plane we're bringing back to France has been carefully dismantled, softly, patiently, in a state of the art fashion, prohibiting the use of saws, just as if she was to fly again someday. Team Snafu is just plain happy with the result after so much work and hope. I wish to take time and thank all of those, and they are many, within the government offices, embassies, DDE's, who made what was necesary become a reality. This plane has created a true bond and I have witnessed many a case of people falling for her and her glorious past. Thanks to all of those who have supported us and brought hope back when the going got rough.
The first two trucks made it at noon at Carpiquet. Many fans were there to watch or to help. We've already begun registrations for the upcoming months.
The two engines, wings fuselage and tail have already been unloaded, as well as many separate parts.
Snafu's arival at Carpiquer is but a stage. We must now restore her and get her ready for next june when the former crew's american families will come to see her. It will take up to 2 500 working hours and some 30 000 Euros to get it done, and give her the future she deserves. Spread the word around. We 've brought her home. Now we need your help.

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