December 6, 2007
Like in a dream. Our "Pathfinders", first off to Bosnia on november 15th, are back in business. They're driving to Beauvais to link up with the truck carrying the fuselage in Gournay en Bray. Mission accomplished at 10 o'clock sharp and the news we were waiting for ; everything is ok and the fuselage is intact. Slow and painstaking drive around Rouen. Short lunch break and meeting at 2.00 pm with the Gendarmerie Nationale patrol men at a place called L'Hotellerie next to Lisieux. From then on, the convoy and its escort makes steady progress.
In the mean time in Carpiquet, Team Snafu, people from Merville, plane lovers, passers by, Television, radios, news people begin to show up. To keep them waiting, we screen some of the shots made in Bosnia. The pathfinders keep us posted on a regular basis on their progress. Cagny, Mondeville, Caen Ring, Carpiquet's entrance.... Everybody steps out in the pouring rain. She's coming. Some people start crying. Some who've already seen her and some who only know her from photographs or heard says. Press people get excited. The patrol men sirens can be heard before anything can be seen. Then, a first motorcycle patrol man quickly reaches the roundabout next to the airport and blocks traffic. Following another motocycle, the big truck and its precious cargo show up. One last turn and the truck lines up with the airfield and the plane comes into the compound under the patrolmen escort, just like the VIP she's become.
Our veteran is here. And we're just happy, beyond words. The Team dressed up in red suits gather in front of the fuselage for a photo session. . Soon the convoy and the big crane supposed to unload the fuselage get the go ahead to cross the airstrip and reach the hangars. One hour later, surrounded by a big crowd, our veteran is on dry land inside a hangar, tightly secured, as volunteers press on to participate in her restoration. Telephone numbers are signed in and we all agree to get a full programm down by january.
That perticuliar december 6th, the first part of Snafu Special 's adventure is over. Another one starts right off. Within 5 months, we must raise funds, get volunteers together, plan a trip to Merville, give the medias some feedbacks.... We take two weks off and start working again.
We hope for many volunteers and donations.
The Snafu Special's great adventure is not over yet. It's still time to be a part of it....

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