News of the day
The team made it to the base. They're now comfortably billeted in warm individual rooms. Olivier wont be able to get an internet connection until tomorrow. This is the reason why he's asked me to write these words.
Yesterday on reachig the base, the team has sprayed the wing bolts to be removed today with WD40, and laid a carpet on top to offer some protecion agains the snow that kept on falling all night long. Then everybody took off for dinner and those who were tired went straight to bed. Some joined the base soldiers for a last drink. Everyone had a god night sleep. Today, breakfast is at 7.00 and off to work at 7.30. We 've had a foot of snow. Wingflaps had to be removed. The wings are ready to be separated from the fuselage. That shall be done tomorrow using a crane. Both Karmans have been removed, while work on the linkage and steering systems is in progress. All connecting hatches are open and each system is being disconnected. Night falls at 5.00. Search lights have been set up and everyone works until 6.00. With the dark, they start working on the inside of the plane, removing the floor. So far, everything is running smoothly and faster than anticipated.
Tomorrow' schedule : Breakfast at 6.00 ; work starts at 6.45, lunch at 11.30 and dinner at 6.00 pm. No alcohol during meals and a special authorisation has to be obtained to get the wine brought by our pathfinders. Oliver started up the snoring contest ; Pierre and Jean-Pierre are runners up. All night long, engines hum in the distance. The Italians are leaving. Our team shall therefore have access tomorrow to the hangar. Once the wings removed, they shall pull the plane inside. Work will carry on on dry land, as the melting snow is turning everything into a quagmire. They've made quite an impression on the italians with their red overalls, looking just like Ferraris mechanics!

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