News of the day
This morning, Germans soldiers from Engineers Corps arrived at 9 o’clock with a crane able to lift 20 tons and a 12 meters trailer. The left wing was easily removed and put inside the hangar. Then the right wing was either.
Then they had to lift the C-47 and put her on the trailer for moving her and put it in a dry place. The Snafu was sunk into the ground until the hub of her wheels. Yesterday, the team dug around them to help the manoeuvring. The soldiers and the team had some difficulties to find the center of gravity of the plane. Several trials were necessary to succeed to lift her. When finally she came out from the ground, it was a magic moment. The thick fog of the morning disappeared and the sun shone.
The TV was there as well as around 15 reporters and the forwarding agent who wanted to see what he will have to transport.
The plane was put on the trailer, chocked up and trimmed on each side, the propellers edge close to the towing. Then the trailer put the Snafu just near the hangar, not inside because it would be too difficult to discharge her. She is now on a concrete soil. It will be easier to work on her. The German Engineers Corps soldiers were really professional and worked cautiously.
The engines and the different parts of the tail will be remove tomorrow. The team goes on their work this afternoon. Olivier will try to call the Bosnian authorities for signing the Memorandum of Understanding.

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