News of the day
Today was a lot more pleasant than yesterday, first because of the temperature which was less cold, the snow is smelting. Secondly, internet works today, it’s why we received the pictures of yesterday.
Patrick D. and Sylvain are ending to divide the wings in two parts. They are like they were at Douglas factory originally. Nothing was cut up and the men are really happy about that. They think that Snafu feels they take care on her!
Patrick J. and Olivier finished the frames for the transport of the engines. They are making those for the wings and the tail plane.
Jean-Pierre 1st and Jean-Pierre 2d plus Jean are still working on the central wing, disconnecting and identifying cable after cable and hose after hose. They dismantle the four sheets to reach the tanks and remove them. After that, they will have access to the last screws of the central wing.
This morning, the Ambassador of France visited the team, and told her satisfaction to take part in this issue. The team is invited for diner to the embassy on Monday night. Olivier accepted but with reservation, in case they would not finished their job as planned.
Tomorrow, Olivier will have a appointment at the defence ministry for the signature of the Memorandum Of Understanding. The press reporters will be present.
On Saturday evening, at 17.30 they will put a sheaf of flowers in front of the memorial for the 83 French Soldiers dead during the Balkanese conflict. Then a diner will be organised in a restaurant with the team and the people who helped the accomplishment of this project.

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