News of the day
Work goes on, Olivier for his part was monopolized with administrative tasks. In spite of Claude arrival yesterday, they are behind in disconnecting all the cables and hoses of the central plane. Because of that, it will be remove only tomorrow around 10 o’clock. As a matter of fact, the young German Soldiers accepted to sacrifice their only day off of the week for the Snafu ! The four tanks of 800 liters each were taken away. The frames for the tail plane and the wings are finished. The team began to take off the rivets of the central plane to divide it in two parts.
This morning, Olivier went and signed the Memorandum of Understanding at the Defence Ministry. Immediately, the forwarding agent when to the customs for the clearance. There they told him that he needs an export authorization from the international trade Ministry which the Defence Ministry never heard. In addition, the Independence Day of Bosnia and Herzegovina is on November 25th. But because this year, it is on Sunday, last week the legislative assembly voted to put it on Monday 26th!
Olivier called the Bosnian Ambassador to Paris and she moved heaven and earth to obtain the presence of an official at the International trade Ministry to prepare the document on Monday. It will be given at 10.15 a.m. to the French defence attaché and the forwarding agent.
Claude and two other members of the team go on to work on the central plane tonight after diner.

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