News of the day
The crew had a great time yesterday in Sarajevo. They however had a rough ride home in a thick fog. Despite the driver's experience, they barely escaped disaster a couple of times. By sheer luck, Allan got to the airport just before the fog set in.
This morning, work started out at 7.30. Three main tasks were at hand:
- Remove the tail's vertical plan
- split the fuselage in two
- finish off the framework
The fuselage has been split up in two. The vertical plan is totally unscrewed. All we'll have to do tomorrow is to lift it up with a crane and tear it from the fuselage. The frameworks are just about finished.
Tomorrow morning, we'll finish them off. In the afternoon, trucks wil be loaded. We'll start with the fuselage and then we'll build a floorplan inside in order to store over a hundred parts such as carburators, wing tips, karmans, air filters etc... The inventory will go through customs.
On tuesday morning, the place shall be cleaned up as good as it was on arrival. Trucks shall proceed through customs tuesday morning as well. When leaving, the police shall close the secondary road down from the base to the main heighway to let the convoy through. The atmosphere is great. Everybody seems happy to go home but no doubt there will be sorrow when time to depart will come.
The epic is not over yet. 3,000 hours work await and between 30 to 40,000 Euros are yet to be funded.

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