News of the day
It was the last working day under a pelting rain. After the breakfast at 6 o’clock, the men began to tidy away the tools and clean the hanger. In the same time, Olivier tried to know hour after hour the progress made in the different ministries about the export authorization. The crane arrived at 9h. The vertical plane had to be separated from the fuselage. After several trials, they couldn’t have any result, all the plane was lifted even though all the bolts were put off. Then, they discover a reparing of bullets holes which has 4 rivets inside. It was enough to keep the plane like an entirety. If we think abound the thousands rivets on that plane…
At 10.30, the two first trailers arrived. On the first one, they charged the central plane standing on its two pods, in a wooden frame made by PatrickJ. At the back of the truck, they pu the two engines and propellers head to tail. In the second trailer, which will be sheeted over, it will be more delicate. They had to put inside the frame with the two wings and tail plane in one working. For doing it and getting a perfect balanced, Alan, Sylvain and Patrick D. stayed on a tip of the wings during the lifting to do like a balance weight. Near the frame, they had some place to put plenty small parts of the plane.
This afternoon, the team finished his work at 15.30. They had planned to go to Sarajevo but because they were wet, cold and tired, they stayed at the base, waiting for the diner with Mrs Berniau, the French Ambassador.
The trailer for the fuselage will arrive tomorrow at 6.30. The men will have to charge and attach the fuselage. At ten o’clock, the trucks might be ready, waiting for the export authorization. With this paper, we will have the clearance. The pathfinders departure is planned between 9 and 10 o’clock.
Olivier will go on to follow the obtention of the export authorization. The main part of the men will departure at 12h for a plane at 14.30. The Eufor army will drive them.
At 15.00 a Bosnien swashbucklers crew was authorized to come into the base with a crane-truck because of the Italian departure and the preparation of the German’s one. They were able to pull off the base really quickly. It was amazing! And terrifying! If the Snafu team had come some days after, it would be too late for the plane.
On my side, I had a difficult time. I had to reorganize the outsize convoy because Germany gave an authorization to arrive at the French border near Strasbourg and France gave one to enter in France by Creutzwald which is not in the same department.. Thanks to devoted and efficient interlocutors, the problems could be clear up on time.

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