News of the day
The Boys came back.
Last beakfast in Rajlovac, Olivier evoked in front of the team the doubts, difficulties and good fortunes of the six last months. He emphasized the perfect understanding of the team, the fact that the absence of only one member could had changed many things, and the well founded pride they could feel about the done work. It was an exceptional adventure which will remain graven on their memory.
Then last working morning with the fuselage loading on a 25 meters long trailer. Catastrophe ! We asked for a low towing and it's a 1.50m high trailer which arrive at the base. Consequence : the loading is too high? Patrick D, Sylvain and Claude have to unrivet and dismantle the beginning of the tail drift.
After that, the fuselage is loaded and girthed. The team has just time to take a photo and they have to go. The tree pathfinders took the road and the others went to Sarajevo airport. Olivier is still in contact with the French Embassy about the export authorization. The trade ministry needs three signatures and it missed the Security ministry’s one. The US, French and German Embassies do not stop to call for the obtaining of the precious sesame. Finally it is promised for the end of the afternoon which will permit the clearance on Wednesday morning and an immediate departure for Caen-Carpiquet.

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