Saturday March 8th : Volunteers fifth working session
Another great working day put out by the volunteers whose main task was cleaning, scraping and brushing. Those are ungratifying jobs but essential ones in order to prepare all the parts of "our" plane for the painting operations. Some people climbed on top of the fuselage and work in precarious balance. Others use stools, more are all bunched up on discarded wing parts. All this under Erik's keen and observant eye. Erik, our professionnal painter who teaches us the most efficient and carefree ways to use removers, and how to patiently and methodically scrub aluminium.
The mood is as usual excellent with logistics running smoothly. Next comes the time to draw some conclusions on the amount of work done, and on how much material will be needed and ordered in preparation for the next week end of labour. By days end, everyone says goodbye until the next meeting scheduled march 29th.

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