Saturday January 26th : the volunteers second working session
Over twenty people showed up this next saturday, with special mention to Jeremy who came all the way from Brest by train and returned on the same evening after spending a few hours taking care of "Snafu Special".
Three groups got on with a special working programm set up by Claude :

1- The first group was to to remove all the grease and scrub the fuselage, cleaning away all non sticking paint.
2- the second group was to go through all the screws and bolts recovered in Sarajevo, and to store them away according to size.
3- The third group's task was to remove all screws stuck within the center wing and to remove what was left of the bolts sawed off while in Bosnia.

Worth mentioning of course is Louise who welcame and registered every newcomers, and Pascaline selling T.Shirts behind her stands where donators and volunteers were also welcome.
Even though a little sunshine overcame the early morning freeze, the "boeuf bourguignon" was a hearty break at lunchtime and prior to a full afternoon's work. Tearing down of engine hood, setting apart of the rear carriage jack were added to the days task.
In the afternoon, many visitors, mostly guests from the nearby small town of Carpiquet came down to meet Snafu Special. A great plane that made headlines in the february issue of "Fana de l'aviation" magazine, with a 4 pages coverage. Untitled "They saved Private Snafu Special", the article tells all you ever wanted to know about Dakota 43-15073 but never dared asking. To be read over and over unrestricted.

Next working session : saturday february 9th.

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