One gigantic task...
No less than 5,000 hours work scrubbing, screwing and unscrewing, cleaning, painting and polishing, assemblying.
5,000 hours work from a handful of thirty or so SNAFU crasy fanatics who spent dozens of hours each and every week restoring the old bird.
5,000 hours work and a hundred of benevolents coming into the yard every other week.
5,000 hours work and the active participation of the students from the Centre de Formation des Apprentis giving SNAFU all their know how and enthusiasm.
All this resulting in a strange mixture of young and old, technicians teaching newcomers, and history buffs meeting aviation specialists, handicapped people working alongside healthy ones, College teachers asking advices from factory workers. Within 2 months, that special plane seems to level down all differences, wether be between generations, professions or social status. Weeks after weeks, months after months, the plane retrieve its integrity, its colors and markings from the past.
The SNAFU Special... they stepped into the legend!

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