Friday May 9th : The SNAFU Special engines installed.
Less than a month to go before the ceremonies commemorating the Dakota's return to Normandy. And So much work still to achieve! On may 7th, 3 high school kids and their teacher Benoit, from Bayeux Arcisse de Caumont High School came to deliver the engines, tip wings and others large pieces to the site with their school truck.
Today, the whole team is here including those living far away, Sylvain and Jean-Pierre. We are putting the engines together. They must be screwed onto the center wing using four big bolts. Our farmer friend Olivier lifts each engine with his crank. Each and everyone of us knows his stuff and stands by. That makes the assembly runs smoothly. By night fall, what a joy! The one ton Pratt & Whitney engines are installed, along with the radiators (our worksuit shall long remember the oil stains) and mufflers.

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