Monday April 28th : The center wing is all set up down at the battery.
Early April, and following the restoration, the two main componants of the center wing had been transported and stored at the local authorities yard, awaiting future installation at the battery's site. On this occasion, the center wing is being loaded on a hay platform for the transit between the municipal yard and the battery where everything has been organised for its arrival. The weather is gray and dull. Olivier C., a local farmer and friend, is at the ready to help out, driving his "Manitou". Most of the day is spent reassembling the two main parts of the center wing which had been separated in order to make transportation easier.
On the morrow April 29th, time is spent preparing the center wing for the setting of the fuselage. The whole body must be lifted in order to lower and lock the landing gear in full position. Jean Pierre makes sure the security pins are all tightly secured. The front wheels are stuck and placed on homemade chocks under Patrick J. and Olivier 's supervision. The center wing is then lifted from the rear and held horizontal thanks to wooden boards in order to receive within the next few days the fuselage. Our "DIY" system seems for the time being to function well.

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