The day of Saturday, June 7, 2008
One day where it must certainly be present at the Merville Battery in the late afternoon to discover the SNAFU special in her military livery of the Second World War.
A day that will be dedicated to American families of crew members who, by making this trip, will find here a part of the life of a husband, a father.
A day to which will be invited all those who made possible the return of this exceptional aircraft: Head of State of Bosnia, American diplomats, British, German and French officials, military officials, veterans, civil servants, members of the team, They will all be there ... to participate in the legend of SNAFU.
A day of surprises, emotions, reunions, laughter and tears. Historical documents, films of the team in Bosnia, music, songs, fireworks at the battery, nothing will missing.

June 7, 2008, a day you will not miss !

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