On March 1st, 1960 France buys the 43-15073 and brings her to the Istres Air Base. On May 17th, 1960 she flies from Istres to Bretigny. From there she leaves for Tel Aviv on November 15th 1960 for a complete overhaul (Franco-Israeli agreements). She returns from Tel Aviv to Bretigny on March 29th and 30th 1961 and flies on to Châteaudun on April 21st, 1961.
From Châteaudun she leaves for the 701st Base at Salon de Provence on June 26th, 1961. She stays there until November 25th, 1964 with the tail mark F-TEBE.
During this period she flies several missions for the Transport Crew Training Center (CIET) 340 in Toulouse. On May 21st, 1963 she makes a 'wooden horse' (a quarter turn) while landing in Cognac and suffers a failure of the right engine a few days later. She returns to Tel-Aviv in 1964 for a complete revision and returns to France in April 1965. Thereafter she rejoins the CIET in Toulouse where she is used for troop transport pilot training until July 1968.

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