12 July 1946, Czechoslovakian Airlines buys the plane and converts her to her civilian version and registers her with tail number OK-XDM (see 2 photos below).
Between 1946 and 1960, CSA operates 50 Douglas C-47s, all bought from the U.S.A. Air Force. Although the planes were intensively used, only one CSA plane, the 43-15069 had an accident in 1946.

To commemorate this success and with a bit of nostalgia for its old Dakotas, CSA decides in the middle nineties to restore a C-47, leased from the Prague Aviation and Space Museum. The plane is repainted in her original colors, silver with blue stripes and once again she bears the tail number OK-XDM of the C-47 43-15073 fifty years earlier. She now stands in front of the CSA head office in Prague.

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