17 september 1944. The plane, element of serial A23 take-off from Fulbeck towards dropzone 'N', South-east from Groesbeek. This serial was formed up by 48 C-47s carrying 520 paratroopers from the 376th Parachute Field Artillery Battalion (82nd Airborne Division) and 12 x 75mm guns and ammunitions. The plane receive battle damages and one among the 12 paratroopers from A battery is severly wounded.
Next day, 18 september, the 43-15073 and other C-47s of the 440th T.C.G., take part of a new mission towing 82 gliders carrying men of the 82nd Airborne Division glider-borne artillery - Batteries 'B' and 'C' of the 456th Field Artillery Battalion. #43-15073 is towing a CG-4A Waco glider towards landing zone 'T', again near Groesbeek. The plane receive battle damages and, after the return at the base, the right elevator must be changed.
A third mission is scheduled on 23 september 1944 at 23:00. With all the planes of the 440th T.C.G. it will be a glider tow towards Landing Zone 'O' at Overasselt, near Nijmegen. Aboard the glider are men of the 325th Glider Infantry Regiment, 82nd Airborne Division.



* Her crew during Operation MARKET September 17, 1944


2nd Lieutenant James P. HARPER

Corona - California


2nd Lieutenant William YOUNG

Ford City - Pennsylvania


Sergeant Joseph R. BUCKNER

Baytown - Texas


Corporal Lafette J. NERREN

Houston - Texas

Operations Orders 440th TCG N°189, 190, 191 & 195 - Operation "Market".
Operations Orders 95th TCS N°173, 174, & 179 - Operation "Market".
Route Overlay - Operation "Market".
Form B Loading Manifest Operation "Market", September 17, 1944.
Narrative report of paratroop mission of Operation "Market".
Narrative report on the first glider mission of Operation "Market".
Narrative report on the second glider mission of Operation "Market".
Individual Flight Record - James P. HARPER - September 1944
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