Visit from Keith Moreland on March 8th 'til 10th 2008
Keith is Henry D. "Hank" Moreland's son, one of Snafu's still living pilots. He called us on wednesday from Texas saying he was coming over the week-end with three friends of his. Keith was eager to visit Merville and to see Snafu prior to his june trip with his father Hank now 90 years old. It is Hank's dearest wish to come to Normandy to commemorate D Day and see Snafu Special.
Our four American friends arrived saturday late in the afternoon and their numerous questions about Snafu carried on way past dinner time. On sunday, they took off by themselves (Election day) to visit the american D Day sectors. On monday morning, after a brief tour around MervilleFranceville, we attended a short screening of a photo reports about Snafus dismantling on Rajlovac Air Base, and then went on to visit the Merville Battery. Our four friends were deeply moved by the 9th British parachute Battalion ordeal, and were very impressed by the quality of the sound and light show on casemate N°1. After lunch, we all move on to the Carpiquet facilities where Claude Robert is awaiting. As is Snafu. Keith is quite moved at the sight of the plane his father used to handle. He asks permission to board. We snap a few pictures and head for Caen and a train to Paris. A little sightseeing and they shall fly back to Dallas on wednesday morning. Keith will be back in june with his family.


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